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Samboards helping children with additional needs in Ukraine

A BUSINESS based in Cam has launched an appeal to help continue donations to children and young adults with special educational needs in Ukraine.

Samboards, which creates specialist sensory products for people with complex disabilities, has been donating their products to refugees in collaboration with Aid for Ukraine Gloucestershire.

So far, the Cam company has donated a range of products, such as its sensory libraries and SATPIN boards, to two orphanages and a rehabilitation centre. Different from fidget spinners, the products have been designed with different textures that, when felt by the user, trigger the feel-good hormone dopamine while also creating neural pathways in your brain.

Designers say the products help those with complex needs ranging from ADHD, autism, stress, anxiety, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

Meanwhile, one of its products known as the SATPIN board is designed for younger children, to help make learning English more enjoyable and engaging.

A spokesperson for Aid for Ukraine Gloucestershire said: “They have so far enjoyed using them.

“Thanks to Andy’s knowledge, we were able to identify the best products to suit the needs of the recipients.

“And further talked about the advantages of using the SATPIN boards.

“The orphanages like using the SATPIN board to improve their English reading and writing skills.”

Samboards CEO Andrew Western said: “I am very moved by the positive impact these boards have had on people’s lives.

“And we seek further sponsorship, to be able to provide the products to all Ukraine refugees, young or old.”

If you would like to provide sponsorship contact -

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