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Quote from Aid for Ukraine Gloucestershire

July 2023

"We are often asked for sensory items for children with additional needs. These are hugely expensive & somewhat unobtainable to most.

"Andy at @samboardsltd has just donated over 200 items for us to distribute in Ukraine! These will make a huge difference to the children in several centres & orphanages. He is also looking at further ways to support us going forward. Thank you so much, Andy!"

Samboards has released new products

Samboards has released new products made out of Argi Biodegradable Plastic. NOW LIVE in the store. Read More

July 2022

Samboards has a framework agreement for Innovation Products

Samboards has a framework agreement for Innovation Products with Alder Hey Children's Hospital and covering NHS, all of UK and other Government departs Trust which will be running until 2024.

March 2022

#FSBAwards Finalist Sensory Pads

Our sensory pads have achieved us being in the #FSBAwards Finalist!

We've got a discount code for you!

Use code "FSB" for any of our sensory pads for only £36.

March 2022

Start and Grow Monthly Newsletter

March 2022

Samboards Ltd supplies sensory products which encourage the release of feel-good hormones while neural pathways in your brain. The products can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, dementia, autism, stress, and other mental health issues. I (Andy) struggled with generating awareness and sales during the lockdowns, and Covid made it very difficult to demonstrate the use of our product to our target audiences. Start and grow has helped us to broaden our network and become well-known in the area. They have also provided us with professional support we would not otherwise have been able to afford. As well as the skills training, they have also connected us with graduates who help develop our range of products, and supply feedback, videos, and website design. This support is helping us towards expanding to an international market. I'm pleased to announce that Samboards is currently a finalist in the South West FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards.

Sensory Pad Giveaway Winner Announcement

Congratulations, Teri Lyne, the winner of the Sensory Pad worth £45 from our 'Sensory Pad Giveaway' contest!

Thank you to all who participated in our first giveaway. We really appreciate your support. Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future.

February 2022

South West FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards

January 2022

We have been shortlisted as a finalist for Business & Product Innovation Award in the South West which is taking place on the 2nd of March 2022. The category winners will automatically go forward to the UK final being held on 19th of May 2022 in Glasgow.

Sensory Pad Giveaway

January 2022

Want a chance to win one of our incredible Sensory Pads worth £45? Here’s how you can! All you have to do is Like, Comment and Share on Sensory Pad Giveaway post on our Twitter and Facebook to have a chance of winning!

The winner will be selected at random on Thursday 10th of February 2022! Keep an eye on your inbox!

Business Club meeting at Growth Hub

November 2021

Andy Western and MP visit to Holly Oak Dementia Care Home

November 2021

Donating towards Heart Heroes

For the period 25 October to 31 December, Samboards Ltd will be donating 25p for each order of the Set of 3 Library Squares and £1 for each order of the Sensory Pads, which will go towards the registered charity Heart Heroes. The money raised will help to buy Christmas presents for the children's Christmas party.

October 2021

Mental Health Sale

With it being Mental Health Awareness Day on the 10th of October. Samboards Ltd has offered out discount codes on our Facebook and Twitter page until the 24th October. Our products are great for Mental Health, Anxiety and Dementia.

October 2021

Care Home teams up with local designer to develop sensory aids

August 2021

Holly Oak dementia care home has teamed up with local designer Samboards to provide those in their care with an innovative new sensory tool. Newly opened Holly Oak is at the forefront of genuine person-centred care with its state-of-the-art 45 bedroom dementia care home, set in an idyllic park overlooking the town of Dursley in Gloucestershire.


Samboards specialises in designing sensory pads which have been proven to alleviate the effects of cognitive conditions, including dementia. The sensory pads are designed so that when they are touched, held, and generally fiddled with, they promote positive cognitive responses and release endorphins by distracting the brain from negative situations and feelings.


The Samboards pads have seven different textures which provoke different cognitive reactions, providing a range of purposes. These include supporting breathing exercises; improving concentration; calming; and improving hand control and fine motor skills.


However, the most ground-breaking aspect of the sensory pads for elderly care is that they can promote memory building and retrieval. When feeling and touching the different parts of the pad, the brain is experiencing something different and new. This allows the brain to build more pathways. The more pathways the brain has, the more accessible routes your thoughts can take. This in turn makes brain ageing and memory loss less noticeable. Tactile sensors often become under-stimulated in older age and especially in dementia patients. With the sensory pads, brain sensitivity can be rebuilt, which can alleviate the cognitive impairment to the brain caused by dementia.


The technology used in Samboards sensory pads, and the positive reactions shown by residents at Holly Oak, mark another step forward in dementia care. As well as helping to alleviate symptoms of cognitive impairment and memory loss, the pads have been shown to provide feelings of comfort and anxiety relief, so their uses really are far reaching. Residents at Holly Oak can now enjoy the benefits of this locally sourced technological advancement.


Holly Oak has been working closely with Samboards to help tailor the sensory pads to their residents. Currently, Holly Oak is assisting Samboards in developing bed-mounted versions of the pads, with the aim of providing their benefits to people unable to access them whilst seated due to postural difficulties. This will ensure that people with reduced mobility have the opportunity to use the pads, particularly those who may need them most.

Andy Western from Samboards and Duncan Pyne, Registered Manager at Holly Oak are also planning to work closely together on potential future developments and new products; together they are extremely enthusiastic about the huge difference these developments could make to improving the quality of life for people with dementia.


This collaboration is a wonderful demonstration of the dedication to provide the best care possible. Aside from the benefits of the Samboards sensory pads for residents, it marks a heart-warming show of solidarity by local businesses coming together to support their elderly community.


What is particularly encouraging is the difference this sort of technology can make to a difficult and challenging later-life illness. These sensory pads have the potential to allow people to reconnect with their elderly loved ones with memory loss, and the difference this could make to quality of later life is immeasurable.

For more information on Holly Oak Dementia Care Home go to

Samboards has become a member of the Gloucestershire Rugby Business Club

Gloucester-Rugby-Business Club-CMYK-Logo.jpg

We're pleased to announce that Samboards is officially a member of the Gloucestershire Rugby Business Club. We've been listed onto the Business Directory on their website that receives a million visitors a year. 

July 2021

End of Year Newsletter from Samboards

December 2020

It goes without saying that 2020 has been challenging for many companies. Here at Samboard our plans were disrupted, and we've spent time adapting to new ways of working.

We're delighted that the University of Gloucestershire have started using our Library squares and had an opportunity to demonstrate the products at a GE Aerospace wellbeing day before lockdown. Here are a few highlights from 2020 at Samboards:

Framework Agreement running until 2024

We now have a Framework Agreement in place with Alder Hey which runs until 2024, making Samboards products easy to purchase for NHS Trusts, Government departments and other organisations following government procurement guidelines.

Library Squares bringing benefits to Homeschooling

While schools were closed, we've spent time working with 5 MBA students, to research using our Library Squares to support Homeschooling.

The results were very positive with over 70% of users saying that concentration improved, and children were less distracted. We're also receiving feedback from users, which you can see on our website.

Contact us to learn more about individual and class support packages available for schools and home learning.

Support for Dementia Care

Working in partnership with our local Care Home who are specialists in Dementia Care, we were able to carry out research using our Samboards. Again, the feedback was very positive, showing that the boards helped people to stay calm and reduced anxiety. They also helped people to stay focused and calm during zoom calls with relatives.

Following this research, we were able to adapt the design, making the boards thinner and lighter, using brighter colours. Samples of the latest version have now arrived, and we're taking orders for delivery in the New Year. Contact Andy for more information.

Stirling University Dementia Care Unit are also evaluating our products, so we'll report back on our work with Stirling in future news updates.

We're looking forward to a positive start to 2021, with our products helping people in hospitals, care homes and schools to reduce anxiety, manage stress and maintain focus.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy, Prosperous 2021!

From Samboards Sensory Products

Local Dementia Care Home gives feedback

December 2020
SAM Orange 12-2020 High Res  (1).JPG

2020 has been difficult time for Samboards as sensory products all about touch and feel. All of our products are easy to clean and it helps with stress and anxiety as well as stroke recovery and head injuries. Mental Health and Concertation, but another area we have been working with local Dementia Care Home to develop great products.

This is what the local Dementia Care Home that we have been working with, said about our new sensory pad.

"The redesigned boards are perfect, well done!"

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