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In a research project carried out by Insight Consultancy, in order to use our products to support wellbeing and stress, we allowed Trust Managers leading on staff wellbeing to test Samboards. Staff documented the products help aid wellbeing; promoting positive behaviour, focus thoughts, and overall helped the staff's mental wellbeing. Impressions were documented as "portable", “engaging”, "reduction in stress”, “focus goals, “anxiety relief”, and “malleable”. The staff also noted Samboards allows a reduction in stress and anxiety, helping to focus the mind, achieve goals and targets, and is a distraction from negative situations. Altogether Samboards is a positive tool for wellbeing.

"Given one to my youngest child during the home schooling to try and focus him and keep him still. 
I found the days where he had the tile to "fiddle" with his concentration improved somewhat and he was less inclined to get up out of his chair".

NHS Staff, 2021
"Love the different textures on the tiles, would like to see in brighter colours such as pink, yellow, green, blue".

NHS Staff, 2021
​"Used the prickly tile during a presentation that I had to give. I found it a distraction from the nerves of presenting.
It took my mind away from the fear of stuttering. It worked and I felt incredibly relaxed whilst carrying out the presentation".

NHS Staff, 2021
SAMs 1-11-19 LowRes pic  (4).JPG
"My daughter would love the unicorn tile if it was a different colour. Did not use it as stress reduction but my daughter loved it".

NHS Staff, 2021
"Great product, easily cleaned, would like it in different colours and patterns".

NHS Staff, 2021
"Used in work to reduce my stress levels when getting into situations that would normally created some level of anxiety.
I found having it on my lanyard meant it was easy to access and provided a level of distraction".

NHS Staff, 2021
SAMs 1-11-19 LowRes pic  (27).JPG
​​"Working in a hospital under the current circumstances is particularly challenging and stressful.
With the job of site manager, ensuring patients flow and admission are bedded safely around the trust, a lot of stress is accumulated.
My colleague Bev presented us with a stress relieving device which helps taking the mind off a million thoughts and sewing a line of thinking back together.
I personally have mild ADHD and it helped me focus on goals and targets one step at a time without drifting into a million outstanding tasks.
A very positive tool and comes in a portable form which is very helpful as well as being safe as easily wipeable".

NHS Staff, 2021
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