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Two of Hartpury's Tech Box Park Members have joined together

Two of Hartpury’s Tech Box Park members have joined forces to create a novel range of green products designed to reduce anxiety, manage stress, and keep the focus on people living with ADHD, Mental Health, and Dementia.

AJW Solutions UK Ltd, one of the South West's leading manufacturers of machined and fabricated products, together with Novazera, a company developing Biodegradable Argi-Plastics have worked together in Hartpury’s ‘sandbox’ environment to create an environmentally friendly range of ‘Samboards’ – innovative (Sensory Activated Motor-skills) Sensory Pads.

Proven to alleviate the effects of cognitive conditions, including dementia, the Sensory Pads have been designed so that when they are touched, they promote positive cognitive responses and release endorphins by distracting the brain from negative situations and feelings.

The Samboards Sensory Pads have seven different textures which provoke different cognitive reactions, providing a range of purposes. These include supporting breathing exercises, improving concentration, calming, and improving hand control and fine motor skills.

The members have used their base at Hartpury to test and develop alternate plastics in their products including different weights and colours, moving away from producing synthetic plastic products towards a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly product – Argi Biodegradable Plastic.

Andrew Western, CEO of Samboards Ltd said: “I am enthusiastic about our products and the mental health and wellbeing benefits using our ‘touch and feel’ products bring to our users. The testing and trialling of the new Argi-Biodegradable Plastic products with Novazera is a brand-new innovation for us and something we are very excited about.”

"We aim to develop more products in our range using this alternative biodegradable plastic and develop and roll out new products specifically designed to support mental health and wellbeing. Our products could be used in a range of settings from dementia patients to students and farmers.”

Brian Powell MD from Novazera commented: “It’s great to work alongside Samboards Ltd during the development of their sensory pads, and even more satisfying to know that the collaboration through Hartpury has led to real-world use of our Biopolymers. Having the opportunity to demonstrate how Agricultural by-products can be transformed into objects that have real benefits makes us extremely proud.”

Hartpury’s Tech Box Park facility funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the GFirst LEP ‘Getting Building Fund’ and the Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust is dedicated to enabling the growth of innovative local businesses looking to develop new or existing products and accelerate them into the Agri-tech market.

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