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Using Sam Library Squares

Use your square to decorate your phone case, stick on a surface such as a keyboard or desktop or hang on a lanyard to keep with you for easy access as you move through your day. You can make your Sam library more personal to you by tying short pieces (to avoid any possible tangles or strangulation) of your favourite string, fabric, cotton, metal ring or carabiner. You may like to use just one square, two Sam library squares together, or you may want to keep collecting them to use in different places - the choice is yours.

How different textures work with your sense of touch

Sam Library Squares include a texture from nature, a repeating pattern and a unicorn with added texture.

Move your fingers around the textures on the library and think about how they feel. The library can be used for enjoyment or as a distraction while increasing messages to your brain and exercising your hands. The textures all feel different. Each texture is experienced through touch, mostly through the fingers but it can also work if a tool is used in the mouth or by using other areas of your skin. When the texture is felt, different feedback or feelings are created, the blood flows to the outside of the brain increases. By touching the library square, and finding new textures to explore, the body is releasing dopamine, which is a “feel good, stimulating” hormone. The act of touch also sends messages through the nervous system which moves blood in the brain away from the area which produces anxiety and stress. As the blood flows away, feelings of stress and anxiety may be reduced, helping you to feel calmer.

What difference can the library squares make?

People using the library squares have reported a range of different benefits. For example, while touching the sensory library squares, people may feel calmer and more in control of their emotions. They may also feel more engaged and interested in the world around them. Using your hands and fingers to touch the different textures helps to create positive feelings which can improve your mood and range of movement. This can, in turn, lead to better hand control and improving motor skills for other tasks such as doing up buttons or handwriting.

How long can I use my library squares for?

SAMs 1-11-19 LowRes pic  (9).JPG
SAMs 1-11-19 LowRes pic  (7).JPG
SAMs 1-11-19 LowRes pic  (8).JPG

There is no recommended time span for the libraries to be used or how often. But if you like the feeling it gives you, keep it handy and use it whenever you want. You might find that different textures are good in different moods. Experiment and find what you like the best.

How to take care of your Sam Library

The library pieces are made to a food-safe standard and can be cleaned with hot soapy water. Please see our website for more information or to contact us with any questions. They are easy to clean with hot soapy water or cleaning sprays and rinsed if they become dirty. Alternatively, they are safe to clean in a dishwasher cutlery tray.


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