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How Sensory Library Squares helped me, A review by Joseph Bulled

How Sensory Library Squares helped me:

"When I received my Library Squares from Samboards, my main aim was to challenge how well they would work for me. I have always struggled with my dyslexia after being diagnosed at age seven. I struggle with my short term memory, maintaining concentration - especially in this new world of zoom calls - extremely difficult where the norm of physical communication is gone.

Library Squares are a small, simple and textured product designed for sensory stimulation. It is the perfect size to attach to a keychain, lanyard, bag or to carry in your pocket for easy access. It comes in three designs; points, rock and unicorn library. This gives sensory feedback which encourages the release of feel good hormones while creating neural pathways in your brain.

As soon as my next zoom call began I whipped out my Library Square from my keychain, I found that it worked for me when listening, when I needed to take in and retain information which is something I have always struggled with. The Library Square is small enough that it doesn’t become a chore to get out and put away when other activities or both hands are needed, even easier to grab when my concentration starts to wander. My favourite was the rock design, it was soft and was soothing to touch.

I attached it to my keychain which I found was most useful as it was something I rarely lose and allowed me to grab it at a moment's notice. For me the Library Squares are something I want to adapt more into my daily life, especially once everything starts growing towards normality again.

I was also curious as to how my sister would react to the Library Squares, she is currently studying for her GCSE’s and also has dyslexia. She enjoyed the unicorn design the most, finding it more comforting, attaching it to her USB and keeping it beside her most of the time. For her she preferred that it was a visual image as well as a sensory object, though she is looking forward to hopefully having new designs and colours to fiddle with.

Overall, I was pretty impressed and found myself using it more than I thought with it being so adaptable to any situation."

If you want more information on Library Squares or Samboards please feel free to access the Samboards website at:

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