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Homeschooling during lockdown? Samboards are the perfect tool for you and your child!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

It’s fair to say that lockdown has been a challenge for all of us, adding increased stress and distractions to the adjustment of schooling and daily life. You might be homeschooling a child or possibly a parent supporting your child through countless online classes? No matter what your situation is we are all looking for something to comfort, relax and distract us. Samboards are a range of sensory products designed to reduce anxiety, manage stress and maintain focus for a wide range of people including; people with learning differences, people living with dementia/stroke recovery and people with anxiety. Library Squares are a small, simple and textured product designed for sensory stimulation. It is the perfect size to attach to a keychain, lanyard, bag or to carry in your pocket for easy access. It comes in three designs; points, rock and unicorn library. These give sensory feedback which encourages the release of feel good hormones while creating neural pathways in your brain. Children can feel the squares during online calls whilst listening to their teachers to maintain and stimulate their listening and concentration, when doing activities and tasks which need focus and can be adapted into all parts of homeschooling. In a research project carried out by MBA in order to use our Library Squares to support home-schooling, results found that over 70% of users found their concentration improved and children were less likely to be distracted.

Impressions were also documented as; “I keep picking it up”, “I instantly fiddled with it”, “Loved the unicorn one, like the feel of the others”.

"Used the prickly tile during a presentation that I had to give. I found it a distraction from the nerves of presenting. It took my mind away from the fear of stuttering. It worked and I felt incredibly relaxed whilst carrying out the presentation"

Adapting Library Squares into your home-schooling routine during this lockdown is a great way for you and your child to find ways to deal with the challenges that arise when home-schooling, finding a simple solution to mitigating anxiety, concentration and opening up to sensory feelings.

My children are easily distracted (like most) we tried the Samboards while reading for my daughter. We noticed a improvement on her concentration while reading. This really helped her and she uses it most time she reads as she also notices a difference.

We also tried the Samboard for our son. Who has always not been the best to go to sleep at night. I put it on his bedside table to see what he thought. When I went up to check on him 10 minutes later he was quietly led in bed playing with it. I sat and explained to him that it was treasure and that he could play with it all night. Thinking he was allowed to play with it all night, he played with the Samboard until he fell asleep. We have used this method a couple of times and have noticed a MASSIVE improvement with his sleep when playing with it. (He likes to search for his treasure in bed the morning after, it has become quite a game).

The main thing is that we are noticing a big difference, it’s helped calm him at bed time as well as helping him fall asleep.

Thank you Samboards, we really had tried so many things but this has been the best improvement we have seen.

For more information please feel free to access the Samboards website at:

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