Unicorn Library Square Colour Black special offer

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Our sensory library squares come in a range of different textures to suit a wide range of sensory feedback levels. You may find that you chose different textures to go along with different needs or moods.


The unicorn has been designed to appeal to people who like different shapes to look at as well as explore. The flexibility of the squares can help satisfy the squeezing sensation some people enjoy but without an object taking up lots of room. The sharp edges of the unicorn make it tempting to trace around and around in a soothing way. In order to enjoy the more gentle lines of the mane and stars a little more concentration is needed which can help you feel more grounded.

Colour: Black

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White coloured Dots Library Square


Black coloured Dots Library Square

1 review for Unicorn Library Square Colour Black special offer

  1. Linda Belcher

    I bought it because I like unicorns and now I play with it loads.

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