Rock Library Square – Colour Black special offer

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Our sensory library squares come in a range of different textures to suit a wide range of sensory feedback levels. You may find that you chose different textures to go along with different needs or moods.


The second library square has been made to produce a gentle more subtle feeling for people who are sensitive with their sense of touch or who has re- awakened their touch sensors. The texture has been based on natural rock textures because we belong in nature which calms the mind in a natural way. It will of course also provide enough sensory feedback if you like it for a little feel good hormone to be released helping you cope better with your day. Similar to the feeling of buying something you like or receiving a text from a friend.

Colour: Black

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White coloured Dots Library Square


Black coloured Dots Library Square

1 review for Rock Library Square – Colour Black special offer

  1. Linda Belcher

    I can spend hours using this square.

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