Points Library Square – Colour White special offer

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Our sensory library squares come in a range of different textures to suit a wide range of sensory feedback levels. You may find that you chose different textures to go along with different needs or moods.


The library square with the points on is our sharpest, roughest feeling square. It provides a deep tissue stimulation effect when pressed hard but will not damage or hurt your skin. It might encourage you keep your fingers moving over it providing that comfort of moving while sitting still. Some people find it helps them concentrate, others find it distracts them from a situation they are worrying about. Sensory preferences are entirely personal and you may find your preferences change on a mood basis which is why we recommend you buy at least three textures to enjoy.

Colour: White

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White coloured Dots Library Square


Black coloured Dots Library Square

1 review for Points Library Square – Colour White special offer

  1. Linda Belcher

    My favourite is the points. I can’t seem to put it down.

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