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We at Samboards aim to keep our products simple and easy to use, giving our customers as many benefits as possible. We recommend you have more than one texture to explore and enjoy, to suit your mood or your needs.

Using a sensory library square


Sensory Library Squares


Learn to read and write using the SATPIN board.

We are now taking pre-orders for SATPIN. Please contact us here. We have made the board with the first six letters most teachers will teach at the start of learning to read and write. By using the textures to make the shapes fun and more interesting it is expected that the learning becomes easier. If you like the touch of something you are more likely to do it again, multi sensory experiences are also stored and retrieved from your memory more clearly. The satpin board is interesting to touch, can be used independently or with help, is a great way to introduce language ie. up, down, smooth and rough. Or you can feel the vibrations of movement through a pencil or stick while it also makes a noise. You can make your own dough shapes of the letters or you could just put different liquids in the letter shapes. However you choose to use it you can clean it in the dishwasher as it is made using high quality food safe material, so easy to use, clean and use again.