The SATPIN board is a tool to make learning fun and interesting by engaging with touch and texture. S A T P I N are the first letters most children learn to read and write with. You can make over 100 words with just 6 letters. The skills used to follow the letter shapes that are written can also be used on the whole alphabet.

Texture, Fun and Learning

For children and adults at the very beginnings of learning their reading and writing skills adding texture can make the experience more interesting and fun. When you move your fingers around the shaped slots each texture will give you a different feeling. If you like the feeling you are more likely to do it again, repeat and reinforce the movement in your memory and your muscle memory. If you are a more active learner the action of movement while looking and writing the shapes can help you remember and make easier the task of writing. It can be used hand over hand or using a tool to give you the sound and vibrations as you move around. There are many different word groups that can be introduced while using the Satpin board. Directional language, language describing textures and the emotional feelings that might be attached. You could talk about height and depth, personal preferences and does it feel nicer with oil in the letters or water. If we put dough in the shapes what will they look like? Could you tell what letter you were tracing with your eyes closed? What hand do you like to use the most, does it work upside down? How quickly did you learn the letters?