What Can Samboards Do For You?

Sensory Products

Are you finding Lockdown stressful? Create a new habit of fiddling with a Samboard to manage your emotions. You will be surprised at how something so simple works so well.

Touch a Samboard and think how you feel.

Do you fiddle, fidget or twiddle things, tap your leg or play with a pen? These new sensory tools could be for you. Improve your mindset, relieve stress, manage anxiety, release “feel good hormones”, aid concentration, exercise your brain and your hands, or break a bad habit. Meet your sensory needs with a variety of our textures. Whatever mood or stage of life you are in we have a Samboard library square that is school and work friendly, discrete, silent and very satisfying. Feel them work for you!

We at Samboards have spent over two years testing and developing our sensory products to find the best fiddle textures. They are tactile, durable, engaging, textured squares made from the same material as good quality chewelry which is food safe, recyclable material made in the UK. They can be cleaned with soapy water, anti bacterial spray or in the dishwasher. They will arrive in recyclable packaging.

Let me explain!

There are some strange alternative words for Samboards on the subtitles!