Customer feedback

When work and social occasions make you feel a little anxious, reach for a discrete stress tool and be in control of your feelings and reactions.

What our customers say

“Now I am working from home I use mine during work meetings online, they can’t see me using it under the table.”

“I am doing online courses to keep busy, I fidget with my points one all the time. I reach for it when I need to keep focused, the sharp bit can keep me alert.”

“How can something so simple be so satisfying?”

“If I have something in my hands it’s easier to deal with the strange and the stressful stuff going on now ”

“I use my Samboards in the office, at work and in meetings. I find it helps with my concentration and lowers my stress levels. I would highly recommend getting one, I pick it up and use it way more than I thought I would.”


I used a set of three with an adult with learning difficulties and mental health issues
he says he uses it most “when I’m feeling bad and want to break something. it feels nice and i can think about nice things and not listen to the bad things “
i have noticed that his mood has been more positive since he gas been using them.

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