Samboards library squares can be used for: Distraction to calm the mind. Increase focus. Manage stress and Anxiety. Break bad habits. Self-management of emotions Well being help with sleep mental health. Fine motor skills development. Sensory needs
Helps Concentration

How does your sense of touch work?

When you touch and experience the world around you several things happen, a signal is sent through your nervous system to your brain to give you information and keep you safe. You receive information about the world around you which then can a change the chemicals attached to feelings, pleasure or anxiety. You increase blood flow to the brain and by using your sense of touch it can make information easier to remember. Which textures give you comfort?

Food safe Material

Can be attached and use as keyring or on a lanyard

Easy to clean can be put in a dishwasher, washed with soap and water or with anti bacterial

Can be put onto a phone case or laptop or other items

Manufactured In UK

CE Marked

What are users say

This is an absolutely amazing product, it lives on my keys and helps me so much when I’m out shopping and feel an anxiety attack coming on, highly highly recommended for all ages

Where the Samboards ideas came from: After working for over 30 years with many different groups of people all with their individual needs, We have been researching the effects of touch on the mind and the body. I have used this experience and knowledge to develop sensory goods that work brilliantly for anxiety, mood management, focus and distraction. By touching a Samboard you can release feel good hormones and reduce the chemical that gives us the feeling of anxiety. Use your sense of touch to manage and improve your mood,

Satpin are the first letters most children learn to read and write with. You can make over 100 words with just 6 letters. The skills used to follow the letter shapes that are written can For children and adults at the very beginnings of learning their reading and writing skills adding texture can make the experience more interesting and fun. When you move your fingers around the shaped slots each texture will give you a different feeling. If you like the feeling you are more likely to do it again, repeat and reinforce the movement in your memory and your muscle memory. If you are a more active learner the action of movement while looking and writing the shapes can help you remember and make easier the task of writing. It can be used hand over hand or using a tool to give you the sound and vibrations as you move around. There are many different word groups that can be introduced while using the Satpin board. Directional language, language describing textures and the emotional feelings

Sensory Pads are for calming and distraction there are 7 textures if you include the flat back. The swirl is a breath excise to help you calm down , available in different colours . Good for people with dementia suffers and also others with sensory needs . Make a great Christmas or Birthday present for person with Dementia.

 latest customer review

” Hi Sam Boards
I just wanted to say how great our son finds your small boards set. He uses them as a distraction when he feels worried or anxious. Or as an outlet for energy. I find because of their size they are easy to carry around. We have put one on the end of a lanyard and I have one in my handbag just in case. His favourite is the unicorn. I find they are so easy to clean as well, I have popped them through the dishwasher and also just wiped them over with sanitiser wipes when we’re out.
Thank you for producing a great product.”